Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Kitchen Cure - Spring 2010

It's technically over but I'm not giving up yet!  If you haven't done your spring cleaning yet...or if you never do a spring cleaning check this site out for some motivation. 

The writers at (no, I didn't spell it wrong that's there actual address) have come up with assignments for four weeks worth of cleaning (or 'curing' your kitchen) and they urge participants to take before and after photos as they complete each week and post them to the site's Flickr page.  The assignments are posted each Friday but you are encouraged to complete each one at at your own pace. 

I'm only as far as week three (thanks again mom for helping me clean my oven) but I WILL complete this when we are back from vacation!

Here are the assignments if you want to know what it will take to brighten up your kitchen this spring:

Week One - Clean out the fridge and pantry
Week Two - Declutter and organize
Week Three - Deep Clean and Beautify
Week Four - Restock pantry and refrigerator

Also...happy birthday to Maya!  Here she is snuggling with Finch (Maya is the one with the santa toy tucked under her arm).

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